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Attention Physicians, Nutritionists, School Counselors, Athletic coaches and Psychotherapists… Due to a shortage of qualified eating disorder practitioners, two-thirds of eating disordered individuals remain undiagnosed and without adequate care. You need not be a specialist to treat eating disordered patients efficaciously… Abigail provides expert consultation and support for health professionals facing the unique diagnostic, treatment, and transference challenges of working with this patient population.
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What Health Professionals Need to Know

Abbie provides consultation for ED clinicians

Additional Resources for Health Professionals

  • Abbie’s publications have become CEU resources for The World Continuing Education Alliance.
  • New Psychotherapy/Somatosensory movement support group. Providing a unique opportunity for adult eating disordered patients to experience the pleasure and freedom of bodily movement to enhance outcomes of more traditional clinical treatment practices. Creating neurophysiological connections between mind, brain and body has been shown to facilitate re-integration of the Self, a significant benchmark of eating disorder recovery.
  • Perspectives: A Professional Journal of the Renfrew Center Foundation, Winter 2014. p. 5-7 Moving Beyond Transference and Countertransference to Connection, Natenshon, Abigail

Professional Journals

  • Author of commentary in Open Access Journal of Science and Technology, (OAJoST) October 2016. AgiAL Publishers
  • Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention; Volume 9 Number 1, 2001 p.75-80 Empowering Parents through Their Child's Eating Disorder Recovery. How I Practice, Abigail H. Natenshon.
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