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Consultation Services for Mental Health Professionals


Abigail provides case consultation and expert, seasoned advice to physicians and health professionals who treat eating disorders. As an advocate for patients and mentor to the professional care giver, she will help you and your patients make the most workable and nuanced decisions at the pivotal moments of care....which inevitably occur throughout the treatment process, from diagnosis to recovery.

You need not be a specialist to treat eating disordered patients skillfully, nor do you need to refer these cases out of your practice if you can reach out for the coaching and consultation you need, when you need it.

Abigail provides:

  • Professional coaching and case consultation to individual psychotherapists treating eating disorders
  • Abbie provides coaching/consultation groups Online for mental health professionals who treat eating disorders
  • Case consultation to outpatient, or agency-based inpatient teams of eating disorder professionals
  • On-site professional trainings and workshops for staff members and organizations
  • Online 90 minute, 5 session-series group webinar consultations, with didactic teaching and individual case presentations
  • On-line power-point webinar trainings for professionals treating eating disorders
  • Teaching demonstrations of individual, family, and group psychotherapy with eating disordered patients, to be viewed either through one-way mirrors or through “fishbowl” observation set-ups
  • Academic and professional supervision for graduate students in the mental health field



Abigail provides professional consultation by Internet and telephone where face-to-face meetings may be impractical. Professional consultation includes education and treatment management strategies for feeding disorders and picky eating syndrome, as well as for clinical eating disorders.



As a referral source for patients, Abigail provides intensive treatment services to out-of-town patients and their families who choose to travel to Illinois for daily or as-needed ‘marathon’ week- end, or extended consultation/therapy stays. Accommodations for both long and short-term stays are readily available near-by on Chicago's north shore.



Abigail also sustains an international practice of individuals and families who have solicited services from such countries as China and Taiwan, Indonesia, and Ukraine.




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