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Telehealth Eating Disorder Psychotherapy/Somatic-Movement Groups Offered
Neuroscience has shown that the fulfillment of the intention to change habitual behaviors requires changes in the body and nervous system, as well as the mind. Harnessing the self-regulatory healing power of the nervous system, the integration of mind, brain, and body is the cornerstone of a full and sustainable eating disorder recovery.
Abigail’s innovative telehealth psychotherapy/support groups for eating disordered adults, along with traditional treatment techniques, offer pleasurable cutting-edge adjunctive neurophysiological interventions that promote mind, brain and body integration. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner of Somatic Education©, Abigail introduces mindful body movement and breathing activities into the therapy group experience, increasing clarity of body-image and self-perception, while creating expansive options for healthful coping, change, recovery and enhancement of all life functions.
Join us for a rich and deeply educative, enjoyable, and wholly gratifying experience of human connection, promising a new and lasting return of healthy relationships with food, one’s own Self, and others.

Cost: $50 for each 90-minute session.
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