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Consultation, Coaching and Therapy for Parents of Children with Picky Eating Syndrome




As a professional in this little-understood field, I offer the options of on-going counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and/or Feldenkrais therapy for the picky eating individual, and/or a one-time assessment/ consultation with the option for as-needed follow-up consultation sessions, for patients and/or parents. I offer consultation and treatment services in person, or through telephone or Skype.


Through my work with this population, patients and parents come away feeling enlightened, and empowered, armed with an arsenal of education, treatment options, and referrals to a variety of adjunctive treatment providers in the fields of behavioral, medical, psychological and holistic, neurologically-based treatments...best of all, they come away with hope for change.


Depending on the age of the picky eating child, I meet with them alone, and/or with their parents.

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