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Table of Contents



Section 1.  Preparing Yourself to Treat Eating Disorders

Chapter 1. A treatment field in transition: Where we've been and where we're going 

Chapter 2. Eating disorders 101: Knowledge is power 

Chapter 3.  Soul searching: Assessing the personal side of professional challenges


Section 2.  Diagnostic Nuts and Bolts

Chapter 4. Eating disorders and The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 

Chapter 5. Diagnosis and eating disorders: Seeing the Whole Picture 

Chapter 6. Getting started: Structuring the diagnostic process 

Chapter 7. Diagnosing and managing eating disorders, feeding disorders, and picky eating syndrome in young children


Section 3: Tapping Treatment Resources

Chapter 8. The therapist's unique use of self in treatment 

Chapter 9.  Partnering for success: Multidisciplinary treatment teamwork 

Chapter 10. Treatment modalities and milieus: Integrating diverse resources


Section 4.  The Eating Disorders Treatment Toolbox

Chapter 11.  As the brain learns, people change: Innovative treatment approaches that work 

Chapter 12.  Structuring eating disorder treatment: Laying the foundation of care 

Chapter 13. Eating disorder treatment methods and approaches: Differentiating and integrating methodological techniques 

Chapter 14. Practical building blocks of strategic interviewing: Borrowing freely from diverse treatment approaches


Section 5.  The Reality of Recovery
Chapter 15.  Recovery, aftercare, and relapse: sustaining the integrity of the healing process through the long haul.





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