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Patient, Parent, and
Family Consultation Services




As a consultant for parents of children with eating disorders , Abigail educates and supports parents in their efforts to support their recovering child. She helps parents define their ever-changing role in their child's recovery, and to define and resolve problems that may occur throughout the child’s treatment process.  She functions as a representative for parents with the child's outpatient or inpatient treatment teams where needed, and intervenes with schools or hospitals to help parents manage and accommodate their child's complex and changing needs during recovery.


As a consultant for parents of picky eating children and for picky eating adults, Abbie helps to assess and diagnose the problem, offering counsel, making referrals, beginning the process of education and understanding in initiating the healing process, and inspiring action. 


Abigail provides:

  • Consultation for parents seeking guidance about diagnosing an eating disorder in their child, confronting the resistant child, and bringing him/her to an acceptance of care.
  • Consultation for parents seeking to intervene with the child and team to achieve more effective and timely outcomes.
  • Professional education and advocacy for eating disorder treatment teams.  
  • Mentoring and coaching for parents who need validation, support and guidance in knowing what they are doing right, and in advocating for their eating disordered child’s recovery in any of its stages, whether their treatment is with me or elsewhere
  • Professional advocacy, representing parents with in-patient and out-patient treatment teams


Abigail also offers:


  • Telephone and Skype consultation, coaching, and psychotherapy….
  • Intensive treatment services to out-of-town patients and their families who choose to travel to Illinois for daily, week-end, week-long (or longer) consultation and/or psychotherapy treatment. Intensive short-term “marathon” treatment upgrades recovery status, rectifies and redirects action plans, provides education and healing strategies, and intensifies motivation to heal.


Accommodations for both long and short-term stays are readily available near-by on Chicago's north shore.



“The road is tough, and I feel strongly that we are going to need a steady hand.”
“I read your book, “When your Child Has an Eating Disorder,” which was the best of the 7 books I had read on the subject. My wife and I are calling you now for guidance in facing the challenges of my daughter’s eating disorder recovery.” - GB

“A day doesn’t pass without my thoughts of you and gratitude for your wisdom and support. You pulled us through, and were with us every step of the way. Thank you again for being there for us.” - EL


Contact Abbie at

(847) 432-1795  to set up an appointment.

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