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Online Adult Support Group for Recovering and Recovered Eating Disordered Individuals

The fruits of your treatment labors have recovered far more than a healthy relationship with food. You have become aware of a growing sense of trust in your self, your body, your judgment, and your newfound flexibility in using your emotional resources with grace, strength and confidence.
Research has shown that remaining in treatment, as needed, for 2 years post-recovery is a smart and dependable insurance policy for sustaining, and/or enhancing, eating disorder recovery efforts and progress.
You are invited to take part in a unique online support/therapy group for recovering and recovered adults and young adults. In addition to psychotherapy and support, this unique group also offers somatosensory, movement-based treatment techniques. Connecting mind, body, and brain through movement with attention awakens and integrates diverse domains of the brain, reintegrating the once fragmented eating disorder self.

We will meet online, and I, as a Feldenkrais practitioner and eating disorder specialist, will guide you through gentle and pleasurable bodily movements that will be liberating and integrative. The Feldenkrais Method, shown to be an effective adjunctive technique in the treatment of eating disordered individuals, enhances and sustains eating disorder recovery. Share your hearts and minds with peers, and develop a revitalized sense of bodily freedom.

Fee: A series of 6 sessions, at $60 per session.
Have an exercise mat by your computer and wear comfortable clothing. We will work together online through Zoom.

When: Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:45 PM CST and/or, Sunday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:45 CST

Where:  Your home and my professional office

Facilitated by Abigail Natenshon, psychotherapist, author, and Feldenkrais practitioner, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for more than 4 decades.  

Contact Abbie if you are interested in joining us.
Telephone 847-432-1795
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