The Power of Healthy Eating

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  • Are you concerned about your weight?
  • Do you know what healthy eating is?
  • Do you wish to become healthier and more fit?
This site contains helpful, fun-filled exercises and resources that will clarify some important information for you about food, healthy eating and body image.
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Beyond the Breakfast Barrier
Your Body is a Wise Machine
Are You Overweight?
Who gets Eating Disorders?
Are you a Healthy Eater?
Problems with Food
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What is Healthy Eating?
Do I have an Eating Disorder?
The Healthy Body Survey
Why do you eat?
Body Image
Taking a Look at Exercise
Getting Help?
Making Changes

Fast Fact:
Even as young as age 5, girls who are overweight and are subject to food restriction or dieting show the greatest increases in eating in the absence of hunger, and greater weight gain across middle childhood years.
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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Fast Fact:
Kids who diet are more apt to become overweight adults.

Fast Fact:
A high risk group for eating disorders are those who had high weight concerns prior to age 14


Did You Know ?

  Dieting is the worst way to lose weight
  Not all anorexics are thin, and that anorexics can and do eat
  Eating disorders are a misuse of food to resolve emotional problems
  Fat-free eating is not healthy eating
  When children restrict food in their early years, they are greatly risk to become overweight adults.
  Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of Americans
  To lose weight effectively, eat heathfully, not less
  95% of dieters regain their lost weight within one to five years

Healthy eating is a learned art

Healthy eaters are Empowered Kidz, free of fears and misconceptions about food and eating. Kids who know how to eat healthfully know what they need and how to get it. They are effective problem solvers. Healthy eating habits established in childhood are a precious legacy to be brought with the child into the adult years.

"Hi Abigail,
My name is Melissa and i'm 13 years old. My classmates and I are doing a essay on a topic that we thought would be interesting to us. I picked eating disorders and my idea was bulimia. I have learned so much about bulimia and what it can cause you. It is very sad. You website helped me out so much! It is so sad that 9-12 year olds can get it! I have learned so much and your website really wanted me to go farther. I know that I will never think about going bulimic from what I have read in your articles! Thank you so much!
- Melissa,13"

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