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Conventional medical wisdom says most children will probably grow out of picky eating problems as they grow up.

If you're a young person with a picky eating problem that doesn't seem to be getting any better and you are old enough to read and understand this message.  I have a warning for you.

With each passing day that you don't change you risk becoming like me.  You don't want to be like me.  Let me tell you what your life will be like if you continue down your current path.

You will miss out on so many things.  Lets take a look at your future.

You will have to take a lunch to school every day and your friends will start to notice that you always have peanut butter and crackers and you never buy your lunch.  This will really cause you a problem when the school has its special holiday dinners. 

Imagine being the only kid in the lunch room that didn't pay for the big holiday meal.  You will look pretty dumb sitting there with your lunch box.  Other children will be very cruel to you if they find out.  But you probably already know that.

You will start to avoid your friends parties, family dinners.  That is if your parents will let you out of those family dinners.  Holidays will not be much fun.

As you get older the problems only get worse.  Now your in high school lunch rooms again with your lunch box.  Or you might just chose to not eat lunch at all.  You friends might think your some kind of alien that never eats anything.  They will notice.

How much dating are you going to do when you can't even go to a restaurant with a date.  Once you have reached this point you will spend much of your time hiding your little secret from others.  But sooner or later the word will get out to your embarrassment. 

Will you go to college or the military.  Think of all the group meals to deal with in either one of those environments.  In order to survive you will have few or no friends.  If you have friends they will figure out your secret.  Can you trust them not to tell others when they gossip about you.

As you get older it only get worse for you.  You could end up like me in your 50s with few friends.  Numerous failed relationships and very lonely.

Because you are young there is still time to avoid the picky eating adult trap.  The younger you start trying to change the better.  No one is going to wave a magic wand and fix your problem.  Only lots of work and effort on your part will make a difference. 

Learn to eat something new each month.  Just a small amount at first.  You may have to try it 12 times or more to even see if you can really eat it.  If that fails seek professional help and stay with it as long as it takes. 

Make it the most important thing you have ever done in your life

Most of you will be cured but some will not.  You might want to look over the rest of the web site to get some more ideas about what the future holds for you.

You must start working now.  Do not waste any more time.

- Bob Krause

Articled provided by PickyEatingAdults.com

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