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How this site can help you

Through the years, I have treated many hundreds of eating disordered children, adolescents and adults who have met with treatment failures elsewhere. I have created this site to dispel the many myths about eating disorders and how to heal them, and to rekindle emotional connections between patients and families that could facilitate an effective and timely recovery. With or without a formal and complete eating disorder diagnosis, you need to know whether eating disorder specialty treatment is the treatment of choice… if so, you need to know how to seek, to find, and/or to administer the most expert treatment available.

This site contains information that will offer you a foundation of knowledge, a plan of action, and insights into the quality of one’s own personal (or professional) journey through what can typically prove to be a difficult, though gratifying healing process. The tools and strategies you will find here WORK…they are the product of scientific research as well as 42 years of my professional experience in successfully treating eating disordered individuals and their families.  


Empowered healing will not only improve one’s relationship with food and eating, but will help the patient restore a deep and integrative emotional connection with his or her own core self.  This makes eating disorder recovery one of the greatest investments an individual can make in a healthier now, as well as in a gratified future.  Patients claim to get their life back; families claim to get their child back.




Some Basic Truths

Eating disorders are fully curable in 80 percent of cases that are recognized and treated in an effective and timely manner.


Knowledge is power.  It is essential that you as a patient, parent or professional, educate yourself (and your child or patients) about these disorders in preparation to heal or recover from them, restoring quality of life, now and for the future.


Effective treatment and recovery processes demand a mastery of treatment skills unique to eating disorders, including an understanding of family systems theory and the inclusion of parents and families in a healing process. The most pivotal factor in a timely and sustainable recovery is the quality of the therapeutic relationship or the healing connection.


Eating disorders are family system disorders, though all too frequently parents and families are excluded from the treatment process, resulting in their defeatism and confusion and a poorer prognosis for the afflicted child living at home.  Enlightened and proactive parents invariably become Most Valuable Players on any professional treatment team.


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