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Pediatric and Physician Assistant Guidelines for Treating the Eating Disordered Child

Pediatricians and physician assistants play a pivotal role as patient and parent educators and as part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team for childhood clinical eating disorders. Medical care for eating disorders requires a unique skill set, a unique relationship with both patient and parents, a resourceful and creative use of self in teaching, monitoring and protecting the physical well-being of the afflicted child, and a cooperative commitment and availability to the professional team. Though not formally trained in medical schools to handle this complex, lethal and multi-faceted disease, pediatricians and physician assistants are typically the first line of defense for parents seeking medical care, guidance, and the educative support they need to shepherd their child through diagnosis, treatment and healing, and can be a most pivotal member of any eating disorder treatment team.

This lecture/office consultation offers strategies for evaluating the child, educating the family, launching the treatment process and sustaining the focus of recovery process.

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