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Over 45 Years of Eating Disorder Specialty Practice

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Meet Abigail

Do you believe that eating disorders are incurable? If so, you have been misled by one of many misconceptions about these disorders. Eating disorders are 100% curable in 80% of cases, when treated in an effective and timely manner. Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder are tyrannical, eroding and fragmenting an individual’s sense of Self, and capacity for self-regulation and self-esteem. It is through the process of an effective recovery that patients enjoy the reawakening of their true Self, along with a sense of empowerment and centeredness in all life spheres. An integrative and full recovery represents an investment in one’s ‘now,’ as well as one’s future.


Having specialized in the treatment of eating disorders during the past 46 years, and having published two books, When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder, and Doing What Works, a treatment guide for professionals, my treatment approach is eclectic and unique.


  • As the founder and director of Eating Disorder Specialists of Illinois, I have brought together a highly seasoned, expert, collaborative outpatient team of clinicians who are available to address the integrative nature of these disorders through therapeutic, medical, and nutritional care. We treat the whole individual, not just the eating disorder.

  • My approach expands on cognitive/behavioral ‘best practice’ techniques through a focus on the quality and dynamic of the therapeutic relationship, as well as on family system dynamics; in addition, as a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, I am also available to provide adjunctive somatic education in the form of gentle, pleasurable bodily movements, to fill in the gaps in self- and body- image.

  • I provide one-time diagnostic assessments, and consultation for patients and families in matters regarding recovery progress and challenges, milieu placements, etc., and for school counselors and physicians treating these disorders.

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